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FSA and HSA. What to do with left over funds?

FSA and HSA. What to do with left over funds?

Tue, Dec 3, 2013

‘Tis the season not only for gift giving, good food and family, but for Health plans to renew. Most plans and accounts reset on Jan 1st. Some are counting down the days until their plans reset and they get more approved visits. Where others are wondering, what to do with the money left in their HSA or FSA accounts.

What are FSA and HSA?

Health Savings or Flexible Spending accounts are typically offered by employers as a means of paying for health needs without or with a limited amount of taxing on the funds. The unfortunate thing about these accounts is that they typically do not roll over to the next year. The “use it or lose it” mentality has been employed by those with these type of health care plans.

For some 2014 will bring a new bonus as employers have an option to “roll over” $500 in FSA accounts to the following year. However, not all employers offer this.

So what to do with those left over funds in that HSA or FSA?

This San Clemente Chiropractic office does not want you to lose out on those health funds that will disappear on Jan 1st. We allow patients to “Bank” visits in our office. Meaning that you can pre-purchase visits at our cash rate that will not expire. So even if you are not in need of your next chiropractic visit you can rest assured that you are covered for the number of visits you purchase so that the expense does not have to come out of next years account and you can utilize those funds for other medical needs that you may have.

You do not need to be a current patient of Trestles Chiropractic to take advantage of this program. Call Dr Anderson today to get started on Banking office visits before Jan 1st!

Toy Drive

Trestles Chiropractic is continuing to serve as a drop location for Toys For Tots this Holiday season. Please feel free to bring a toy and enter into our Holiday Raffle to win an iPod Nano!!