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Is this the Year to Outrun the Treadmill of life?

Is this the Year to Outrun the Treadmill of life?

Tue, Dec 31, 2013

What a year 2013 has been! As I reflect on the past events of 2013 it seems a daunting task to surpass the accomplishments of the year. However, setting goals is the only way to push oneself to further growth and accomplishment. I have never been a big fan of setting huge resolutions but rather smaller attainable goals that help us work our way to success in all of its facets.

Life is like a treadmill. If you aren’t running, walking, or crawling forward, you are moving backwards. Eventually we find ourselves flat on our face and forced to sprint to catch up to where we had previously been. The key to progress is continued motion where there is a goal in sight. I recall an exercise where a person reaches up a wall as high as they can and a mark is placed to show their reach. Then the person attempts again and somehow they are able to reach higher than the first attempt. This is repeated several times with a new line drawn each time. Why is it that the same person had a shorter reach when no mark was there?

Part of achieving our goals is overcoming obstacles. For some of us we would like to get into shape or play a sport again. Maybe your goal is to stop managing pain and get out of pain. For each circumstance come certain obstacles. Some may struggle with overeating, others with past injuries or motivation. In any case the only way to get moving on the treadmill of life again is to set attainable goals to get you past the obstacles that currently face you.

As a Chiropractor in San Clemente I strive to help those who have health and wellness goals that they are struggling to achieve on their own. Sometimes there are other factors that need to be addressed beyond nutrition and exercise. If the body is not functioning at maximum potential it will be that much harder to reach your goal. Nothing makes me happier than seeing someone who has given up on themselves find renewed inner strength and resolution to get their lives back.

If you feel that you or a loved one could benefit from help reaching goals or overcoming health obstacles feel free to Ask The Doctor or call to schedule a consultation with this San Clemente Chiropractic office.