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Stomach sleeping, what you should know.

Stomach sleeping, what you should know.

Mon, May 5, 2014

Sleep position is a question that is often met with frustration when I suggest to an individual that sleeping on their stomach is part of the reason they are not progressing with their Structural Chiropractic care. Of all of the sleep positions, stomach sleeping has the most risk and least amount of benefit.

The problem with stomach sleeping is that it has been shown to alter the structure of the spine by shifting the angles away from their proper position. This is particularly true in the low and mid back. Also stomach sleeping requires you to turn your head from a neutral position to one side for a prolonged period of time. This also is a cause of structural shift in the neck and will lead to constriction of the sensitive nerve fibers in the area.

Occasionally I will recommend a temporary change in sleep position to the stomach when an individual has been injured while in a hunched forward position. However, this is only for special circumstances and a short period of time.

The recommended sleep positions are those that support the structural correction we are administering. Sleeping on the back or side or a combination of the two are recommended with proper neck and low back support in those positions.

If you are a stomach sleeper and are interested in learning how to change to a better position, or if you are doing harm by sleeping that way, a Complimentary consultation is the perfect scenario to get a professional answer.