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Protect your right to Informed Consent

Protect your right to Informed Consent

Fri, Jul 31, 2020

Senate Bill 277 is not just a bill which would remove Personal belief exemptions from parents in the state of California. It is a direct repeal of your right to what is called “Informed Consent.” As a Chiropractor I have to not only give my patients a waiver to sign, but verbally address some of the risks associated with the care that I offer. A patient is then able to make an informed decision on whether he/she would like to go forward with the treatment plan I am recommending. This is true for nearly all medical interventions and procedures.

As individuals and as parents we currently have the right to make informed medical decisions for ourselves and our children. SB 277 will directly affect your ability to make choices for yourself and your family with regards to health decisions. Where you stand on vaccinations is irrelevant. We should all find ourselves Pro-Informed Consent. No legislative body should be allowed to dictate what we must inject or consume into our bodies.

Please take a few moments to help preserve your right to choose what you put into your body by calling the CA Senate Health Committee Hotline to oppose SB277, today’s the day to do it. Call anywhere from in the U.S. - You don’t have to be a CA resident. 916-651-4111.

Please be respectful and leave a message simply stating you oppose the bill. There is no need for any contentious message to be left.