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How often should I go in for a check-up when I’m not in pain?

How often should I go in for a check-up when I’m not in pain?

Tue, Feb 25, 2014

This week I am going to cut straight to the chase. No sugar coating this one. The answer is…

At least once every:

Keep in mind this schedule is for the “check-up” if there is a current injury or ailment being addressed a more frequent treatment plan will be recommended.

Being the schedule oriented people that we are. All too often we fail to include ourselves and our personal health in our day to day scheduling. Just like we make our biannual dental appointments, we should be at least setting aside the same time to look at our spine.

Depending on our lifestyle and activity level the recommendations are different for each person. This San Clemente Chiropractor offers a free consultation, or face to face conversation, with all prospective and new patients to determine if Chiropractic is the best choice for you. We also offer No-charge “well check-up” visits for all children under the age of 14. Often in children they are not in need of an adjustment so one will not be given.