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Do you trust the internet enough to pack your own parachute?: Trestles Chiropractic is Thankful for Health pt.3

Do you trust the internet enough to pack your own parachute?: Trestles Chiropractic is Thankful for Health pt.3

Wed, Nov 19, 2014

The other day I found out that you can learn how to pack a parachute online. With the internet you can find so much useful information on so many topics. However, you won’t know the effectiveness of the information you found until it is already too late. While you may save some money by packing your own parachute, it is safe to assume that we would all sleep better at night knowing that an expert made the proper preparations for our safety.

Knowledge and the availability of knowledge is something to be thankful for. As we look at the opportunities that are available it almost seems endless. If you want to do something yourself or become an expert in something all you have to do is type the subject into that little box at the to right hand corner and instantly there will appear the results you are looking for.

Unfortunately not all of the information provided has been proven or shown to be correct. So discretion must be observed. As a Chiropractor in San Clemente and a Health care professional I often see new patients come through the door who have done their “homework” to first find out what they have going wrong with them. WebMD is often a source of credible information. However, even WebMD is well aware of the Hypochondriac effect they have had on many browsers of the web. Many come to see me thinking they have some very serious conditions which cause them to be overly stressed or chose to try some interesting methods of self healing.

Here at Trestles Chiropractic we do see a need for our services from those who have been searching for alternative methods of health care. Many more people are being exposed to the benefits of being proactive with their health care than ever before. It is so exciting to live in a time when the general population has decided that waiting to get sick, overweight, and stressed is just not an option. People want to run marathons, go hiking, play sports and enjoy life more than ever before. This is why we are thankful for the Experts and Professionals who dedicate their lives to offering Health and Wellness in all shapes and forms with the goal of the patient first and themselves last. We will continue to talk about Being Thankful for Health for the next 1 blog post. So, follow along to learn how being grateful for what you have can help you be healthy! See Part 1, See Part 2.