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The most common trauma of the body is not physical. Its emotional.

The most common trauma of the body is not physical. Its emotional.

Thu, Aug 19, 2021

Physical trauma may include a serious accident, life threatening illness, war, or abuse. No doubt, such traumatizing situations have a huge impact on the body, specifically when causing injury. Chiropractors can certainly help in the rehabilitation of physical injuries.

Often overlooked is emotional trauma and its effect on and within the body. Emotional trauma may be the result of physical trauma and it may present itself as PTSD. For example, a war veteran suffers from PTSD because of injuries they had experienced and the emotional toll that war has on a person. Emotional trauma is also the result of emotional abuse or experiences that disrupts ones emotional foundation which can be caused by any type of childhood trauma. Trauma causes people to store their EMOTIONS in their PHYSICAL bodies.

Chiropractic care can help release these emotions caused by any sort of trauma. Chiropractic manipulations can release tension held from trauma and help the spine release tension held in the muscles. Frequent adjustments help open pathways of the nervous system which allows information to flow unobstructed, which is essential for a stronger and healthier mind-body connection.

A young woman shared her story with The Chiropractic College; “At age 12…I sought care for scoliosis…This happened amid a change in schools. Immediately following a thoracic adjustment…I started bawling.” She stated that she rarely showed emotion in front of anyone, yet she couldn’t stop the tears. The chiropractor “explained that people store their emotions in their physical body, which can be released by the adjustment… All the changes I was experiencing in my life were reflected in my tissues, and the adjustment I received gave me a second chance to express and integrate my feelings around my change in schools."

@drjordanfairley explains “the beauty of chiropractic is the ability to connect to the physical presentation and the emotional presentation, and be able to alter them simultaneously.”