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Get started today with our introductory package (Examination, 3 single area Laser treatments)!

Cold Laser Therapy or Low-Leve Laser (LLLT)

Cold lasers or Class IIIb lasers are used to treat many superficial injuries where there is not much soft tissue like muscle to absorb the therapeutic light energy. Often if someone did not see any therapeutic benefit from LLLT it is because the dosage was too small, photon absorption was not deep enough, or because the treatment area was too large. Typical treatment time is about 30-45 min for a single area as their low power limitations require more time to transfer sufficient energy to stimulate the healing process at the cellular level.

High Power Laser Therapy

High power or Class IV lasers are also used to treat superficial injuries. However, their high power ability allows for treatment of deeper injuries as they reach tissue more than 10X as deep as a LLLT. Typically Class IV lasers are over 1W. Here at Trestles Chiropractic, our laser is capable of delivering treatment up to 30W of power (50X more powerful than LLLT). This decreases treatment time to 7-10 min giving you faster results with less time required.

Here’s a list of just some of the conditions laser therapy has been effective with:

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