San Clemente Chiropractor

The Best Chiropractor in San Clemente?

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I usually spend a little bit of time checking on my SEO in the mornings before the day gets busy with patients. Today I came across something I found interesting. A colleague of mine was using the title “Best Chiropractor in San Clemente” as the name of a video about his practice. The first thing that came to my mind was the legality of this statement. So I found my way to the Better Business Bureau website and found that my impression of “Superiority Claims” was in fact accurate.

The Power of the Power Walk!

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I recently discovered that I had gained a few unwanted pounds over the course of the last year. This came to my attention when I was attempting to fit into my suit in preparation for my upcomming wedding at the time. I had about 2 months till the wedding and I found myself facing 2 choices; Get a bigger suit or Shed off a few pounds. So I, my ego included, opted for the latter. I proceeded to make up a mock schedule of aerobic exercise along with cleaning up my diet.


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