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The Best Chiropractor in San Clemente?

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I usually spend a little bit of time checking on my SEO in the mornings before the day gets busy with patients. Today I came across something I found interesting. A colleague of mine was using the title “Best Chiropractor in San Clemente” as the name of a video about his practice. The first thing that came to my mind was the legality of this statement. So I found my way to the Better Business Bureau website and found that my impression of “Superiority Claims” was in fact accurate.

Stress affects your Quality of Life.

Stress in the workplace

As a Doctor of Chiropractic I have had the opportunity on numerous occasions to teach people about stress, how to identify it in themselves and how to deal with it. Recently I found myself in an overwhelmingly stressful state. I was getting Married in a month, Moving and starting my practice. Now you may be thinking that these are all wonderful things, which they are!

What is Kinesiology Tape?

Kinesiology tape can help you perform better.

Since the London 2012 Olympic games many have wondered what that "funky colored" tape was that many athletes from many different countries were wearing was all about. Todays post will be about just that as well as which brands of Kinesio tape I have found to be the most effective.


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