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A Prescription for Positivity: Trestles Chiropractic is Thankful for Health pt.1

What would your reaction be if you received a prescription and rather than seeing a medication listed it read “Positive Mental Attitude, use daily as needed”? I think most would not look at positivity as a means of solving their problems. However this can be exactly the case in many situations.

Don’t give up on your colicky baby

 If you were to walk into a coffee shop on any given morning and ask for a raise of hands from those who have taken their children to the dentist you’d probably receive a strong result in the affirmative. However, ask the same question with regard to a Chiropractor visit and the result would be much different.

Worlds oldest Gymnast shows how to stay active into your 80's

As we look at the growing population of senior citizens more focus is placed on what is to be done to manage their health rather than to improve it. A recent NPR article talked about how Hip and Knee Osteoarthrits can be treated and even prevented through regular exercise. This has been found to be more effective than popular supplements such as chondroitin and glucosamine.

Are you ready for increased Healthcare costs?

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If you have an insurance plan younger than 3 years old you may have received a letter like the picture in the slideshow above. This may have come as a shock to those who had thought they were all set and ready for the Affordable Care Act or Obamacare to take effect. Sadly these newer plans are non-compliant with the ACA and you will be forced to apply for a new plan that will be available after October 1st 2013. In most cases these newer plans are estimated to be 50-75% higher than what your premium was previously.

Why are you letting your computer destroy you?

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Whether you notice it or not, most people find themselves in one of two positions by the end of the work day. They are either hunched over their keyboard or slouched down into their chair. Unfortunately while you may be sitting this way due to fatigue from the long work day, these positions are only going to make you feel worse.

Why are Kids Stoked to be in San Clemente?

San clemente chiropractor
San clemente chiropractor
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I had the opportunity this last weekend to go down to T-street where the Stoke-o-Rama competition was going on. This annual event is put on by San Clemente’s own Gudauskas brothers. Entry is free for the kids who participate in this event. And the money they raise from sponsors, sales of Tees, and donations goes towards helping children have access to swimming lessons.

Obamacare may be taking away your San Clemente Chiropractic coverage


It has been a very difficult time for many physicians over the years as the insurance game has grown more and more restrictive and competitive. However, with the new affordable health care act many had hoped to see an end to the lack of coverage. Part of the problem is the lack of TRUE HEALTHCARE knowledge in Washington.

Is CrossFit Killing your Kidneys?

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If you have not heard of CrossFit by now then you are a little behind on your fitness trends. San Clemente alone has at least 4 crossfit gyms of its own. Crossfit is a system of high intensity workouts including weight training and cardio designed to push your body to exhaustion with each exercise.

Are You Choosing Death By H2O?

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Have you ever gotten to the end of the work day only to find that you have a pounding headache? Or maybe your boss or co-worker was talking to you and you immediately forgot everything they just said. If you find yourself feeling like a zombie by the end of the day you are most certainly DEHYDRATED. As corporate athletes it is just as important to have proper hydration. We all know that the body is made up of about 75% water.

12 More Baseball Players Suspended for PED Use. Why Chiropractic is a Legal alternative.

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Just today it was announced that more suspensions were given by Major League Baseball for use of Performance Enhancing Drugs. Most of these players have accepted 50 game suspensions without pay. Most will lose sponsorships during this time and may never quite return to the spotlight as in the case of Manny Ramirez.


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