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Is the body of your car the only body that needs fixing?

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Often after a car accident people are more concerned with the damage that has been done to their vehicle. This makes sense as cars are expensive and the damage is clearly visible. People are often attached to their car and want to do everything possible to find a shop that will replace the broken parts with quality pieces that help it to look brand new.

Is it true that Chiropractic adjustments hurt?


This is another common question that I am asked in my San Clemente chiropractic practice. Or I will hear that the patient had a previous experience with a chiropractor where they felt some soreness or discomfort after the adjustment. My goal here is to shed some light on what is happening during an adjustment and specifically the first time you receive one.


Is it bad if I pop my knuckles or my neck and back?


This is a question I am frequently asked by people of all age groups. I think partially it comes from the misconception that popping your fingers will give you arthritis. So I will give you some insight on what happens when you pop your fingers and why some folks do it.


Getting your life back after an injury.

This morning I found a note on my desk from the other Chiropractor I work with. One of his patients is the son-in-law of an elderly patient that I have just recently begun to treat. The note informed me that my patient, I’ll call him Steve, had been using a cane to get around for the last year. Steve went on a 3 mile hike this past week and was excited to have left his cane at home. I have only adjusted Steve twice prior to this.

5 easy steps to get rid of neck pain on your own.

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I often have patients ask me “What can I do at home or at work to get rid of my neck pain on the days I am unable to come in to get adjusted?” As a Chiropractor in San Clemente I see many patients who deal with chronic neck pain and/or headaches and migraines. The vast majority of time, when there is no history of accident or injury to the neck, the main issue is a result of poor posture.

12 Hacks to get the most out of Obamacare


According to the site,

“Preventive care helps you stay healthy. A doctor isn’t someone to see only when you’re sick. Doctors also provide services that help keep you healthy.”

Wouldn’t it be nice to lie on your stomach while pregnant? Well you can here.

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Often I have heard pregnant patients complain of the discomfort they are feeling not only from the changes in their bodies but from the need to adapt to new sleeping positions. Especially as they get later on in their pregnancy it becomes more difficult to find positions to get and stay comfortable in. Some positions such as lying on their stomachs have been determined to be dangerous as the baby is developing in the womb.

A proven way to cut Medical expenses.

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I recently posted an article I came across on the popular WebMD site talking about how chiropractic care can reduce the cost of medical expenses from several factors such as decreased need for surgery, and reduced cost of X-ray and MRI.

Do you trust the internet enough to pack your own parachute?: Trestles Chiropractic is Thankful for Health pt.3


The other day I found out that you can learn how to pack a parachute online. With the internet you can find so much useful information on so many topics. However, you won’t know the effectiveness of the information you found until it is already too late.


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