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World Cup Chiropractic Action

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On Tuesday I posted this screen shot of the Greek goalie receiving a Chiropractic adjustment during their World Cup match. I found it interesting how so many elite athletes get the idea that Structure determines Function. This is why we focus on structural correction and detecting structural shift in the spine.

7 Superb Superfoods infographic

Last week I shared a piece about 10 foods that are banned in other countries but are leagal in the United States. After that post, I received several comments asking if I had any suggestions for good food choices since I had shut down so many others. This week I am sharing another infographic from the Mercola website.

10 Banned Food items Americans should stop eating.

I came across this article on the Mercola website. It had this really awesome Infographic that I feel is beneficial to everyone. I found it interesting that the FDA approved these items that are banned in many 1st world countries like England, Australia, and Canada.

Why it’s healthier to watch a comedy rather than a drama

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To this day the leading cause of death in the U.S. is Heart Disease. The number one trigger to heart disease is stress. Structural stress in particular can wreak havoc on your body and your nervous system


When we are stressed our bodies release a hormone called Cortisol. This particular hormone suppresses bodily functions such as: immune response, digestion, urinary, and bowel. This also leads to fatigue, irritability, and tension.


Stomach sleeping, what you should know.


Sleep position is a question that is often met with frustration when I suggest to an individual that sleeping on their stomach is part of the reason they are not progressing with their Structural Chiropractic care. Of all of the sleep positions, stomach sleeping has the most risk and least amount of benefit.


Car seats are great for the car but not as much for carrying.


Today’s post is not meant to be finger pointing or shaming parents for how they transport their children, but more of an eye opener to social norms that may not be the best for the structural development of our children.


Why are my shoes wearing down differently?

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Have you ever stopped to look at the bottom of your work shoes or favorite pair of sneakers? If the answer is Yes, then you may have noticed a difference between the two. Unless the pair is brand new, you probably noticed that one was a bit more worn than the other. So you have to ask yourself, why is this happening?


What can I do about this hump on my neck?

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Often patients come to me with concerns about their posture. They are frequently worried about ending up with that “hump” that their mother or grandmother has. Most of the time, a Dowager’s hump will not make you look like Quasimodo. However, it can be the cause of degeneration and constriction on the spine and nervous system.


Our low-level Digital Structural Radiographs are safer than traditional xray.

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Many of you know that we take Structural Radiographs at our San Clemente Chiropractic office. We do this to get to the source of the problem. Many other Chiropractors have helped many by treating their Secondary Conditions (symptoms).

New electric headband to mask migraine symptoms approved by FDA


I recently read an article about the FDA approving a device called “Cefaly.” This device is designed to electronically stimulate the nerves most commonly associated with onset of migraine headaches.



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