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Text Neck Syndrome: What It Is and How to Fix It?

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Text Neck Syndrome: What It Is and How to Fix It?


“Text Neck,” the newest buzzword you may have heard lately is affecting millennials across the globe. As tongue-in-cheek the phrase may sound, it’s an actual epidemic caused by overuse of mobile phones. Given that almost all of us are reliant on smartphones to make it through the day, it wouldn’t be wrong to conclude we may end up with this symptom if we’re not careful.

Now Accepting Bitcoin and Apple Pay

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As 2018 is upon us it only seems fitting to announce an update to our ability to process and accept different forms of payment. Asof Jan 1 2018 Trestles Chiropractic is now equipped to accept payments in the form of Apple pay, Android pay, and Major E-currencies such as Bitcoin, Etherium, and Litecoin. As newer forms of payment gain popularity, and become accessable to small businesses, we will do our best to make sure these methods are available for co-payments and other transactions at Trestles Chiropractic.


SCHS Football Rally Towel Give-away Tonight!

Triton rally towel presented by Trestles Chiropractic

Start off the season with a special give away for the first 500 in attendance as we watch the 2015 Tritons take on the Huntington Beach Oilers, tonight, Friday Sept 4th. Stop by the Trestles Chiropractic Booth and receive your own Tritons rally towel. We are proud to be a sponsor of the 2015 Tritons and will have a booth near the gift shop. Please stop by and say hello.

Protect your right to Informed Consent

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Senate Bill 277 is not just a bill which would remove Personal belief exemptions from parents in the state of California. It is a direct repeal of your right to what is called “Informed Consent.” As a Chiropractor I have to not only give my patients a waiver to sign, but verbally address some of the risks associated with the care that I offer. A patient is then able to make an informed decision on whether he/she would like to go forward with the treatment plan I am recommending. This is true for nearly all medical interventions and procedures.

Free Limited Edition 50th Anniversary SCHS shirts at Friday's Homecoming game

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Well folks the 5-1 SC Tritons are gearing up for Friday night's Homecoming Game. If you thought the crowning of the King and Queen was enough, think again. As a proud sponsor of the 2014 Tritons We have partnered with the Varsity Cheer team to toss out Free Limited Edition 50th anniversary Shirts!


The Magic will take place in the 3rd Quarter so be sure to be back in your seats and ready to flag down one of the Cheerleaders in hopes of them tossing a shirt your way. There is a limited number so you may want to get there early to ensure that you have a good position.

Free Swag at the 14th annual SC Open Skate Competition.

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chiropractor san clemente, sc open, skateboard

Don't miss out on the FREE SWAG at the Trestles Chiropractic Booth this Saturday at the SC Open.

Bring the family and watch some of the best in the area tear apart the San Clemente skate park.

Have an ice-cold water on us!


See you Saturday!


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