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I remember taking a biochemistry course in college where the professor pounded the idea into us that “Structure Determines Function.” He was using this to talk about biochemical processes of course. However, this same adage is applicable to our own lives in many ways. Look at your car or any mechanical device. If the structure is not correctly placed, do you think it will function as desired? The same is true of our bodies. If the structural components of our body are not how they need to be, we will not function properly.

As a Structural Chiropractor in San Clemente, I focus on identifying and correcting the areas where structural changes have taken place. This results in an increase in functional capacity. Recently I had a patient who is a swimmer in High School. He hopes to be able to get a scholarship and even compete professionally. However structural abnormalities are causing him discomfort with certain strokes. Once I was able to identify and correct the areas that were causing the decrease in function, his lap time improved and he was able to compete without pain.

This is a common occurrence in our youth as they spend so much time sitting. We all know how comfortable and supportive those desk chairs are at school. No one sits properly. How can they? It’s a struggle just to be comfortable. More often than not something as simple as poor posture and sitting position lead to structural changes like scoliosis. The best thing you can do as a parent to prevent this is to bring your child to receive a chiropractic examination. If there are areas that need to be corrected the doctor can let you know what will need to be done to get them to a normal state.

If you think one of your children may have structural changes that need to be addressed please take advantage of a Free, no commitment, consultation with the Doctor to see how we can help.

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