Why is Chiropractic preventative care not included in Obamacare?

Last week I posted a picture of a woman getting an ultrasound. This meme is meant to demonstrate the good that the Affordable Care Act or Obamacare will do to help prevent illness in women through better access to screening procedures. The problem with this is the complete incorrect use of the word “Prevention”. Prevention means by definition “the action of stopping something from happening or arising”. Unfortunately the government has come to use this word to be synonymous with “Early Detection”. While detecting a disease, like cancer, early is very important and can greatly reduce the mortality rate of the disease, it still did not “Prevent” the disease from happening.

The heathcare.gov website has lists for men, women and, children with the listed services that are covered by the affordable care act under Prevention. Most of the options are screening procedures for different diseases or controversial vaccinations that they have listed as methods for disease prevention. They also have contraceptive procedures listed under preventative care.

All of these lists failed to contain any true preventative care. Services like Chiropractic and Acupuncture were nowhere to be found. Unfortunately our representatives in California and several other states, have still failed to recognize that they are pushing a “Sick Care” model rather than true Health Care which stems from the power within the body. It is unfortunate that we have become so accustomed to masking symptoms with drugs rather than taking a proactive approach and improving ourselves so that the body can function as it was designed to. If you take care of your body it will take care of you.

This Chiropractor in San Clemente focuses on freeing up the nervous system of any interference that may be stopping the body from functioning at maximum capacity. Every nerve impulse that supply our organs and the muscles we depend on originate from the spinal cord. Postural changes can and will cause excess Stress and Pressure on the nervous system thus diminishing the body’s ability to thrive.  If you truly want to “PREVENT” illness and disease you must take control of your body. I’ve had people ask me the question “once you start chiropractic do you need it for the rest of your life?” my response is simple “most people choose to continue chiropractic care for life because they did not know that this was how their body was designed to feel and function.”

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