Why is America the unhealthiest out of 17 developed nations?

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In a report released just over a year ago, the United States was ranked lowest amongst its peer nations with regard to overall health of the population. To many this is no shock. While we are regarded as one of the wealthiest countries in the world, with some of the best emergency care. We seem to struggle with the most complications, and higher levels of fatality.

Among the most striking of the report's findings are that, among the countries studied, the U.S. has:

According to the report these factors held true for all demographics. This meaning, regardless of wealth or lack of insurance the results are similar.

So what are the reasons that Americans are so sick? One of the largest factors has to be what we are eating. The ease of processed foods has overrun our country. There is little left that is natural or organic. Even food products with organic labels only have to meet qualifications set by the FDA to advertise as such. This is just one example of causation.

The bottom line here is that despite our continued implementation of more vaccinations, more drugs, and more aggressive interventions, America is still very sick. If we truly wish to achieve health, we need to stop waiting until we are sick to act. Take control of your life and your health while you are healthy. It is the best and only way to maintain that level.

This San Clemente Chiropractor strives to support and encourage individuals to do just that. By being proactive with health not only will you maintain, but you will improve your overall health. Trestles Chiropractic is dedicated to supporting the Healthy People 2020 initiative which seeks to spread awareness and offer aide to those looking to improve their lives. Ask the Doctor how you can get a better hold of your health.



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