Should I get a massage before or after my adjustment?

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Another common question I am asked by new patients in my office is; whether or not they should get a massage with their adjustment and if so, should it be before or after?

Unfortunately there is no clear cut yes or no to this question. In most cases a massage in conjunction with a chiropractic adjustment is not necessary. However, when I do recommend massage I typically base it off of the needs of that specific patient. For example: if I find that they are always really tight and tense before an adjustment then I would recommend getting a massage beforehand. If they feel sore after the adjustment then I will recommend one after.

Due to the fact that each of us is unique and has different needs it is impossible to try to think that everyone will respond exactly the same to the same regimen of care. Some new patients have recently been involved in a motor vehicle accident and are dealing with serious whiplash complications. For this patient, muscle release will be a key part in achieving the speedy recovery desired by the individual. Another may be working on posural issues and be in need of help releasing muscles that have become short and tight over time. For this person a massage will also help speed up the process of getting them to reach their goals.

In general I recommend that patients get a massage once a month on top of their weekly chiropractic visits to maintain a healthy posture and to remain at the level of activity that they desire.

If you have any further questions about chiropractic or would like a reference to a great massage therapist feel free to Ask The Doctor.


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