A Prescription for Positivity: Trestles Chiropractic is Thankful for Health pt.1

What would your reaction be if you received a prescription and rather than seeing a medication listed it read “Positive Mental Attitude, use daily as needed”? I think most would not look at positivity as a means of solving their problems. However this can be exactly the case in many situations.

In an article on healthline they cite an article by Robert Emmons, psychology professor at UC Davis, who has found through his research on “positive psychology” that those who adopt the “attitude of gratitude” mindset tend to do the following:

  • take better care of themselves physically and mentally
  • engage in more protective health behaviors and maintenance
  • get more regular exercise
  • eat a healthier diet
  • have improved mental alertness
  • schedule wellness check-ups
  • cope better with stress and daily challenges
  • feel happier and more optimistic
  • avoid problematic physical symptoms
  • have stronger immune systems
  • maintain a brighter view of the future

In this San Clemente Chiropractic office we look beyond the outward symptoms that initially bring a patient to the office and search for what we call Subluxation. 3 factors that comprise subluxation are physical, emotional and chemical stressors. So negativity would fall into the emotional category. Getting control over a negative attitude can take away 1/3 of the emotional stress that can lead to other health related issues.

Trestles Chiropractic will continue to talk about Being Thankful for Health for the next 3 blog posts. So, follow along to learn how being grateful for what you have can help you be healthy!

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