The Power of the Power Walk!

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    There are several reasons I identified as positive benefits to exercising just a few days a week; weight control, metabolism, and immune system strength.

I recently discovered that I had gained a few unwanted pounds over the course of the last year. This came to my attention when I was attempting to fit into my suit in preparation for my upcomming wedding at the time. I had about 2 months till the wedding and I found myself facing 2 choices; Get a bigger suit or Shed off a few pounds. So I, my ego included, opted for the latter. I proceeded to make up a mock schedule of aerobic exercise along with cleaning up my diet. I cut out extra carbs and sugars, notice I said extra, we do need those for our body to function especially if we are traiing at all. I also set a goal to work out 6 times a week. 3 days I would go jogging and the other 3 I would do an abdominal workout that I had liked from the P90X series. Well to great fortune my plan worked I was able to cut the inches I needed and los about 15 lbs in about a month and a half with little to no extra expense other than 30 min of my time each day. In reality all I had to do was cut into my precious facebook time and lets be honest most of us could use some time away from the google on the internet machine!

Today I have officialy been married a month and am happy to say that I have still been running for 30 min each morning to keep up on my fitness. Now having met my goal why would I continue to need to do this? Well there are several reasons I identified as positive benefits to exercising just a few days a week. One was the weight. Its way easier to maintain form when you are consistent with exercise. Your metabolism is heightened so you are able to handle those moments of indulgence moreso that those who are more sedntary. Another reason was just how I felt. I was going through a great deal of stress with getting this chiropractic practice up and running and just that 30 mins of exercise really helped calm me down and keep focused for the day. Finally my ability to overcome and avoid illness was heightened. I was working 2 weeks ago for another chiropractic office for a Dr who was on vacation and 3 of their staff members were sick. I usually get sick when others around me are ill however I did not succom to the displeasure of illness this time. Possibly from the increase in water consumption but most likely from the increase in basal temperature that will help ward off unwanted pathogens.

My hope with this message is to inspire others to get out there and get active. I like to jog but even a brisk walk will be enough to get your body into better shape and help boost your quality of life.

Also check out this cool article on the benifits of power walking it's pretty spot on!

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