Our low-level Digital Structural Radiographs are safer than traditional xray.

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Many of you know that we take Structural Radiographs at our San Clemente Chiropractic office. We do this to get to the source of the problem. Many other Chiropractors have helped many by treating their Secondary Conditions (symptoms). However, we often find that this type of treatment is short-lived. This is why we focus on detection and identification of Primary Conditions, like Structural Shift.


The big news for today is that we now have an upgraded Digital radiography system at our office. We are very excited about this as it allows us to continue to properly identify Structural shifts, while exposing our patients to lower levels of radiation to achieve a higher quality image.


As a Structural Chiropractor my goal is to improve health by correcting structural changes in the spine. I also want to do this in a manner that is safe and diagnostic for our patients. I look forward to continuing to work with you, or working with you in the future.

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