New electric headband to mask migraine symptoms approved by FDA

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I recently read an article about the FDA approving a device called “Cefaly.” This device is designed to electronically stimulate the nerves most commonly associated with onset of migraine headaches.


For many Americans this is a debilitating condition that can literally render them unable to function for days at a time. I am sure the invention of such a device comes as a beacon of hope to these individuals who suffer on a regular basis and maybe have even tried, without success, the limited prescription medications available.


While technology will always be improving and striving to find solutions to the problems in life, I do have a main issue with this device. Headaches are often secondary conditions to a larger more serious condition. When that is ignored, then we are simply masking the secondary condition. I’m not saying this device couldn’t be useful during the correction phase of the more serious condition, but rather that if the more serious condition is not treated the secondary conditions will continue to persist.


It’s the difference between simply patching a pothole and repaving the street. One option is a temporary fix. While the other is a long lasting, more permanent solution that will also fix other foundational issues that may have been present in the structure of the road.


Our bodies are no different. As a Structural Chiropractor in San Clemente I focus on not just addressing secondary conditions, like migraine headaches, numbness, tingling, and pain, but on using the presence of secondary conditions to identify a more serious condition present. If, through thorough examination a structural abnormality is found, a patient specific treatment protocol will be recommended to correct the structural fault that is responsible for the secondary conditions. We offer a Complementary consultation, which is nothing more than a no-pressure conversation, to see if we are the right option for you.

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