Let us begin Festivus with the Airing of Grievances

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For many of you today is just another Monday. However, it is a Festivus for the rest of us! If you are unaware of the fictional holiday portrayed on the sitcom Seinfeld, it contains one tradition that must not be overlooked. That is the Airing of Grievances. So I thought it would be fitting to talk about something that I am disappointed with. 

Typically I try to keep my messages positive. However, recently I read an article posted by CNN that addressed the ever growing issue of Prescription drug abuse. Often times Prescription medications are viewed differently because of their legality and recommendation from advertisements and trusted physicians. However, we must remember that many of these drugs come with harmful side effects and are not tested nor recommended for Long-Term use.

The article talks about a specific clinic in Utah that is being investigated by the DEA for over-prescribing medications to patients. They specifically tell the stories of two families who have suffered from the loss of a mother or wife from over use and addiction to opioid pharmaceuticals. Some of these women were taking 120-300 pills per month! Most people don't even like taking one vitamin a day let alone thinking of taking 300 a month.

One of the most shocking facts stated is that approximately 3 Americans Die Every Hour from overdose on prescription medications. How insane is that!!! If there was some disease or virus going around claiming that many lives every hour do you not think they would be going to great lengths to stop this plague? Unfortunately this is a plague that is viewed in a much different light that a bacterial strain or virus. But should it?

The unfortunate problem is that many people become dependant on these drugs for pain management because they do not know that there are other options available to them. While some medications can be very helpful at getting you through the initial pain from an injury or surgery eventually you need to look for other sources to overcome the pain rather than just masking it. Chiropractic is an affordable and proven method of reducing pain and inflammation in a safe and natural way. My goal as a Chiropractor in San Clemente is to work alongside other physicians to help them attain higher levels of recovery and successful treatment with their patients. Often they find that once chiropractic care has begun the necessity of medications will decrease to the point where they are no longer needed to manage pain in that individual.

Ask your Physician if Chiropractic is Right for you! – That will be a true Festivus Miracle.


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