Chiropractic in the Millitary: Trestles Chiropractic is Thankful for Health pt.2

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    Col. Mark Losack DC of the USMC is giving a chiropractic adjustment to a member of his unit on the steps of a palace of a former Dictator in Iraq.

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As today is Veterans day it seemed appropriate to give thanks and respect to those men and women who have and/or are giving of their time and service to protect the freedoms that we have in this wonderful nation. All too often these individuals are looked over and unappreciated for their dedication to serve and protect this nation so that the people here do not have to live in fear of threats from other nations.

As a resident and Chiropractor in San Clemente California I have the blessing of living so close to Camp Pendleton where our marine forces are stationed and work to prepare themselves for any possible threat that may come our way. I love that I can drive down any given street in town and there will be at least one house not only flying the American Flag but also the red and gold flag of the Marines. I often find mydelf a witness to military drills while out surfing as there are helicopters flying overhead on any given day as well as the sound of artillery fire in the background.

On this Veterans Day I would like to recognize one of my mentor and colleagues Col. Mark Losack DC of the USMC. Dr. Losack was one of my instructors at the Los Angeles College of Chiropractic. In 2002 he was deployed to the Persian Gulf and had to put his private practice in Oceanside CA on hold while we was on active duty. Not only was Col. Losack a leader in his unit he also served as their physician and for many he was able to offer them a level of care they had never experienced before. One of my favorite pictures of Col. Losack DC is one of him giving a chiropractic adjustment to a member of his unit on the steps of a palace of a former Dictator in Iraq.

2 Years ago I went with a group from my Chiropractic college to Washington D.C. to lobby for expanded Tri-care benefits for military families as chiropractic is only covered at the V.A. Hospitals if they have a chiropractor on staff. Most of these men and women will never receive the care they need. Most of the general population on any given day will not have to haul around ad 50lbs pack. Most don’t even get out of their chairs in their air conditioned offices. It’s truly sad to think that these service men and women would have to pay for the care they need because it is not covered.

Here at Trestles Chiropractic we are very Thankful for the service men like Col. Losack DC and women of all branches of the military both active and inactive. Ask us about the Veterans Discount that we offer to our cash prices to keep the care that our troops desperately need affordable and available to them and their families. We will continue to talk about Being Thankful for Health for the next 2 blog posts. So, follow along to learn how being grateful for what you have can help you be healthy! See Part 1.

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